Charles Rizzo Gifts The Children's Charity Over $5,000 to Assist in Their Efforts to Provide Bikes for Children

Variety The Children???s Charity was gifted well over $5,000 in children???s bikes to aid in their efforts to provide bikes to special needs and differently-abled children. With the help of generous donors, the charity gives away bikes and safety gear to over 150 children each year. Chuck Rizzo, being the father of a son with special needs, has an intimate understanding of the challenges that these children face, and has consistently committed to helping in any way that he can.

???We have been supporters of Variety for a number of years now,??? says Chuck Rizzo, Jr. ???Being parents of a special needs child ourselves, we are better able to appreciate what other families deal with. One of the main reasons that we decided to become active donors with Variety was the Bikes for kids program. We all know the joy that comes over any child???s face when they are able to cruise on their very own bike with the wind in their hair & the sun on their face... this sense of mobility and freedom is amplified when the child has had to deal with so many limitations in their young lives.???

The Charles Rizzo family donation to the charity allows the organization to purchase dozens upon dozens of new bikes of all types to add a bit more joy to a number of children???s lives. ???In childhood, there are few things as independent as being able to move about freely under your own power,??? added Rizzo.

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