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Wander the Land of Joshua Tree National Park *Joshua Tree National Park*

High Altitude Desert Landscape

Located in southeastern California, *Joshua Tree National Park* encompasses two distinct desert regions: Mojave Desert and Colorado Desert. Visit this high altitude place for areas of bleak desert, sparse vegetation, and bold formations of weathered rock. Wildflowers add brilliance of color in the spring and fall months are a great time to visit due to cooler temperatures. For a bit of adventure, go for a hike and explore the surreal formations of Joshua trees, yucca or cacti.

Home to a Variety of Wildlife

Not just a desert, * Joshua Tree National Park * is home to a variety of wildlife. With a wide range of habitat, expect to find bighorn sheep, coyote, roadrunners, desert tortoise, and more. Be on the look out for a variety of birds, especially impressive migratory birds. After a fun day in the desert, be sure to check out one of the * best stargazing places near me * in the area.

Relaxation and Recreation

Go for a climb in an area rated one of the top ten in the world with almost 8,000 routes. * Joshua Tree National Park * offers a great opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Other activities include biking, hiking, horseback riding, camping and more in the many picturesque locations.

Stop by the Park's Visitor Center

Take a stop by the park's visitor center to pick up maps, brochures and further information. Learn about the park's history and the first-hand experience of a certified naturalist.

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