Northern rivers rail trail fat tyre e bike hire | Welcome To Valley E-bikes

Looking for a thrilling adventure in nature? Located less than 30 minutes from Coolangatta / Gold Coast Airport is the Northern Rivers Rail Trail and home to Valley E-bikes.

Explore passing through the World Heritage region of Northern NSW on what we say is Australia's most comfortable E-Bike.

You will glide over the trail with 4-inch wide tyres designed to provide traction and absorb any shock. The rail trail is a safe and scenic route, away from busy roads and traffic. Whether you're a seasoned rider or new to eBikes, this adventure is sure to be a memorable one. Power along for a few hours or make a full day of it.

Valley E-Bikes are built around a total comfort concept.  Their 4-inch fat tyres absorb bumps for a smoother ride while the upright ride position takes the pressure off your hands and wrists while sitting on a big comfy cushioned seat for support.

Hydraulic disk brakes that safely bring you to a stop, and the step-through frame will allow you to get on and off the bike with ease.

The control screen mounted on the handlebars gives you five levels of pedal assist to choose from...

And you will feel like a rockstar!