The Great Distinction between Seventy and Ninety-Nine Percent Alcohol

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Is there a major difference between a liquid consisting of 70% alcohol and one composed of 99% alcohol ? This fundamental question can indeed be answered - the former may contain water, whilst the latter may not.

The Nature of 70% Solution

A 70% alcohol product may contain up to thirty percent water, a fact that can affect its utility when it comes to certain matters. This diluted amalgamation is more ideal for skin and surface sanitation; it can eradicate a plethora of germs and parasites, whilst having lower burn-causing qualities than its undiluted counterpart.

The Properties of 99% Solution

99% alcohol , on the other hand, may not contain any water and, as a result, is far better suited as a solvent or coolant for industrial processes that require reliably pure ingredients. To purchase this kind of chemical composition, one need look no further than the Internet; it is recommended to buy isopropyl alcohol at 99% .

Limitations of Both 70% and 99%

Whilst a 70% alcohol solution is better suited for hygienic purposes than a 99% alcohol one, it is important to note that both should not be consumed. Even if certain beverages like drinks do have up to 40% alcohol content, safe consumption necessitates an exact proportion of water, which is absent in both of these aforementioned solutions.

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